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Together, we strive for excellence, resolve conflicts, tackle challenges, and engage in purposeful innovation. Vidio is a great workplace where great minds and personalities collaborate to deliver the highest quality.

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At Vidio, we prioritize the comfort of our employees in their physical work environment to enable them to perform at their best. To that end, we ensure that Wadiono have access to all the necessary resources to help them feel comfortable and at ease while carrying out their job responsibilities.


Nguvi (Ngumpul Vidio)

Ngumpul Vidio is a townhall activity that shares team and company updates with Wadiono.

Coffee Break with CEO

A casual conversation with our leaders to ask them anything from leadership to their favorite coffee.

Santuy Time

Santuy time is a team-building activity in which Wadiono can participate in various exciting activities to strengthen communication and collaboration within the team


Sports Community

Vidio provides a diverse range of sports communities for individuals to engage in.

Support Group

A virtual safe space for Wadiono seeking to openly share their experiences, stories, resilience, and challenges.

1-on-1 Psychologist

A sessions with a psychologist to accommodate the needs of Wadiono in creating a healthy mental state while working

Vidio Academy

Supporting Wadiono's learning journey through Vidio Academy as we are embracing the hybrid working experience and providing better learning activities to foster innovation and growth, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Vidio Learning Partner in collaboration with Udemy and O'reilly

1-on-1 Career Coaching with professional career coach

Learning Committee to accommodate departments learning need

Learning Coupons to give flexibility for employees to choose learning activities based on their needs & interests

Regularly conducted Peer Group Learning and company wide sharing session "Vidio Talks"

English Class enhance speaking, writing and listening skills for employees

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