Senior Front-End Engineer (Remote Working)

Jakarta, Indonesia


  • Pair Programming on front-end (ES6, SCSS, Slim, or React)
  • Writing tests for CSS visuals and JavaScript functionality
  • Continuously learning inside and outside the office
  • Build and maintain our styleguide


  • Have a deep understanding in semantic HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Have a deep knowledge of Javascript design patterns such as class pattern or module pattern.
  • Have a deep knowledge in client side framework such as React or VueJS.
  • Experience using CSS preprocessor such as SCSS or SASS.
  • Have a good knowledge of modern DOM and Web APIs.
  • Familiar with Front-end tooling such as Webpack, Yarn etc.
  • Experience in authoring high performance CSS and Javascript. Have a very good understanding of CSS specificity.
  • Deep knowledge on browser quirks.

Bonus point:

  • Experience using WebSocket.

What are we about?

Vidio is building services for everyone in Indonesia — defining the digital landscape of our 13k island archipelago.

We develop software in an Agile way, using Extreme Programming methodologies.

That means we embrace change, but it doesn't mean we work crazy hours.

We maintain a sustainable pace (8 hour days, no overtime, no nights or weekends) because everyone needs a life.

Pair programming, test driven development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment are core to our principles.

Some of your future coworkers:

Agastiya S. Mohammad
Widya Rarasati
Asroni Hidayat Fahmi
Jovin Angelico
Akhmad Husin Fakhri
Adelin Ruth Lydia
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